Vintage Wheeled Wire Laundry Basket

Wire Laundry Basket Easy and Simple Making Steps

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Wire laundry basket – It has been popular since vintage era until now in contemporary trend. Metal laundry baskets in form of wire type are strong and also durable. Mostly, they are with wheels especially the larger ones. They can hold many clothes without breaking them. On the previous post about wire hamper, best values of having it in your laundry room are in discussion already. On this one, we are discussing about the quality basket or hamper to rely on the material.

Actually, it is not that hard in how to make a laundry basket from metal wire. You can decide the style whether rustic, vintage or contemporary. French wire hamper is very popular in today’s trend. French wire laundry basket has its own style. Cheap, sturdy and surely stylish in adding your laundry room a unique touch. How to make one? Check these steps out!

How to Make French Wire Laundry Basket

The cost is around $20 to bring the feel-like Jean Seberg in 1960s Paris atmosphere. The materials you should collect are;

Wood circle, you can choose whether stain or paint, polyurethane


Galvanized steel wire fencing

Screws and washers

The Making Steps:

The wood circle is to stain or paint which later to seal by applying polyurethane coat.

The circle is to lay on the floor.

Then wrap it around with wire fencing that you unroll first.

Snip the fencing’s length up using wire cutters.

To allow you twist the wire around the opposite fencing edge, leave an overlap sufficiently.

Twist each wire piece using pliers around the opposite fencing’s edge. Just work it all your way up the hamper’s height so that tight.

Any excess is to trim and clamped down so that there are no any sharp, snaggy edges at all.

See the bottom by laying the hamper on its side to snip the wires and form little squares. Bend them under the wood circle bottom.

A small washer and screw are to drive inside of the wood’s square. 5 or 6 screws will be able to hold it well together.

Then, add casters

The work is complete!

If you care buying more than making one, Amazon and Target can be both great destinations where to seek for some. With wheels, liners and more are to browse. Just make sure of finding the most correct wire laundry basket.